Anonymous: Whenever Gajeel is sick, Levy feeds him her Solid Script Iron


Anonymous: Gray and Lyon secretly meetup to practice synchronize stripping


teatimemofos: Lucy secretly hates her big breasts.


nightclone: Head canon 1) I have a bad feeling something might happen to Elfman


42. Erza’s favorite food is strawberry cheesecake because her parents made it often before she went to the Tower of Heaven; when she became free again, it was the first sweet she had.
41. Wendy is a lesbian.
tyrantotooth: Metalicana also taught Gajeel music as well as magic. But because Metalicana disappeared Gajeel never became a good musician.


Anonymous: Natsu head canon: Natsu likes sleeping in Lucy's room because her house is really warm and so is she. It reminds him of sleeping next to Igneel every night.


35. Lucy once gave Natsu a red dragon plush (or stuff toy) as a present and he stills has it.
34. Natsu dose know about love and crushes but he decieded to act as the oblivous one, since its much more easier.
nightlingbolt: Knightwalker has feelings for Mystogan on some level, but she tries her best to ignore them, knowing if they ever got married, she would have to stop being a soldier and become Queen of Edolas, something she doesn't want. So she tries her best to earn her King's trust and become his trusted confidant.


Anonymous: Gajeel loves having baths and playing with rubber ducks. It is his private secret.


31. Gray admires the fact that Erza won’t give up her life because of the people that fought for it and gave theirs up for her.
30. Mirajane’s OTP is Nalu, whilst Erza’s is Gruvia.
29. When Chelia gets to that age, she’s going to be a mad, powerhouse of a woman like Erza, Mira, Kagura and Ultear, if not stronger.