26. If anyone tried to take Happy away from Natsu, Natsu would basically burn their face off.

Gajeel’s hair was always getting in way of things, so one day Levy took of her headband and fastened it onto his head and chuckled “It looks better on you than it does on me!”. Ever since then he insists on wearing that headband.
25. Mr. Heartfilia ran away from home when he was young, just like Lucy.

But when Lucy ran from home, he felt the pain that his parent(s) felt, and that’s when his personality changed. He paid Lucy’s rent for 7 years because he was trying to repent for the pain he caused his parent(s), Lucy, and possibly the late Mrs. Heartfilia.

24. Lucy is jealous of what Lisanna and Natsu have. But she sucks it up and smiles.
23. Levy tries to do everything she can to spend time with Gajeel, whether it be alone or with friends, she just wants to be close to him.
22. Lucy is the type of person in which she keeps all of her emotions to herself. She’s easily jealous but she doesn’t show it, even though it’s noticeable. She hates being secluded too.
21. Happy wants that Natsu and Lucy stay together and form a family.
20. Makarov had to employ a doctor full time just for the FT girls back pain because of their insanely large breasts.
19. Wendy looks up to all of the girls in the guild and will sit and watch them for hours and tries to copy their confidence.
18. Gajeel serenades Levy outside of her window at night.
17. Wherever he is, Igneel is always thinking about his son.
16. Gajeel secretly reads all of Levy’s writing.
15. Lucy loves happy as if he were her own cat, a best friend to hold even when he walks all over her desk while she writes.
14. Gajeel carries cat treats in his pocket.